All our Pregnant Bitches are fed on a special Royal Canin HT42  food specially formulated for pregnant dogs.  It contains Folic Acid and many other supplements to assist in the development of healthy puppies. On day 43 of pregnancy they are then fed with Royal Canin starter food so that Mum's milk contains all the right nutrients needed.  When the puppies are weaned on the same food the taste is then also familiar.  

All our puppies are given Royal Canin Starter Food from being weaned at approx three- four weeks of age.  They are gradually fed up to 4 times a day and water is added initially to soften it and stop little paws scattering it everywhere.

 You will be given a voucher once you have paid a deposit and on contacting Royal Canin they will arrange for delivery of a puppy pack including a free bag of food.  The bags of puppy food can also be found in the puppy section. I will also provide you with a few days supply.  Should you decide to change the food, please do it over a few days to avoid any stomache upset.  A feeding guide is on the bag and goes on the puppies adult weight.  

Do not worry if your puppy is not interested in eating much at first. They will be far too excited in their new home!


All our Dogs are up to date with vaccinations, flea treatment and worming. They are given Advocate every month for fleas and lung worm  and Drontal every 3 months for Ringworm.

Pregnant Dogs are given Liquid panacure from day 42 until three days after giving birth. 

All puppies are given liquid Panacure every 2 weeks and Advocate before leaving.

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