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In addition to my Facebook page 'Sue's Cockapoos', It would be lovely to hear from any of my previous puppies new owners and any testamonials would be appreciated.

Email 15. Mar, 2020

Nikki and Richard

Collected Reggie recently, he is now settling in with us nicely. Bonding with Roxy our female 4 year old BC.

A very healthy lively puppy. Keeping us on our toes 😀.

Thank you Suzanne and Craig

Email 14. Mar, 2020

Sarah Calvert

So I went to see Suzanne when I was at a crossroads in my life. I have to say both her and her husband were sensational. Neither pressured in any way and both saw exactly what I needed before I even knew.

I was adamant that I wanted a boy and then a certain baby girl claimed me. Again no pressure at all and both just let me be.

I went back again to be completely sure and again no judgement at all.

Once I had made the commitment I am sure I was very demanding but they sent me videos, pictures and messages to keep me updated of her progress.

The whole process has been amazing and I would highly recommend them. The way they truly care for each animal is inspiring and reaffirms my belief that people can truly love animals like I do.

I now have Gracie home and feel like she is the part of my life that was missing.

Suzanne and her husband made the experience extremely stress free and I can’t thank them enough.

Highly recommended x

Email 21. Feb, 2020

Anne and Nigel Goody

We have only had Buddy a week but are amazed how quickly he has settled in.

He's the most confident, outgoing and happy little puppy, clearly used to everyday household noises and well-handled. It really does make a such a difference when they've had a proper start. and now it's down to us to do our bit.

So glad we got our puppy from you Suzanne. Thank you.

Email 2. Feb, 2020

Teresa Lodge

We got Molly our maltipoo from Suzanne in 2017 Oct. And we are so glad we did she had a great start with Suzi before coming home with us . We are so grateful she has settled so well and has become a special part of our family and brings so much happiness
and joy . She so calm ,loving such a joyful dog everyone loves her so thank you Suzi for given her the best start .

Email 26. Jan, 2020

Victoria Garroway

We got Nellie our Maltipoo from Sue in July 2019. She had clearly had the best start with Sue and quickly settled with our family. Nellie is such a sweet natured, loving and well behaved little girl and is loved by all of our family

Email 19. Jan, 2020

Laura Nicoll

Charlie, now 5 months old, has been a wonderful addition to our family. Such a little character... always making us smile! Couldn’t imagine life without him! Thankyou Sue!

Email 28. May, 2019

Clare Haigh

We are delighted with Benji our cockapoo! He’s settled right in and was easily house trained as Sue had started this process with the puppies. He is a very good natured dog and we feel like we’ve had him forever! Sue gave us good advice and allowed us
to meet mum and dad and visit before he was able to come home with us. We’d recommend Sue. Our vet was very impressed with the folder of information Sue supplied and confirmed that Benji was a very healthy and well looked after puppy.

Email 15. Oct, 2018

Latifa Mohammed

My friend and I bought two border collie litter brothers from Sue, Charlie and Xander. From our first phone contact we were impressed with Sue as a breeder. From all the questions she asked us we knew that we had met one careful and conscientious breeder
who does not give her puppies to just anyone. These are not our first border collies, we know and love this breed. But we are happy to say that our two Hondonvale borders are very special, they are very easy to train, they love people, they are good with children
and even with cats. Of course it is nice to have such beautiful puppies, but it is even nicer to have puppies with such good temperament! And that is what Hondonvale-bred dogs are about: temperament and beauty.

Email 3. Oct, 2018

Nick and Carolyn Crossley

We've had dogs all our lives but we've been blown away by Barney, who's now been living with us for just over two weeks. He's settled in brilliantly, sleeping through the night now, being almost house trained from the day we brought him home and having
a brilliant, playful, affectionate temperament. The fact that he's super cute also helps!

Sue was great during the whole process, allowing us to see both parents, spend as long as we wanted choosing he right puppy for us and generally answering any questions we had. She kept us up to date in the period between first choosing Barney and picking him
up. She obviously used his name in that period, as he responded to it straight away. Sue had been recommended to us by a close friend who had bought a Cockapoo from her last litter. I'm delighted to say he was right and we'd have no hesitation in recommending
her and her puppies, to anyone.

Email 18. Sep, 2018


I can’t recommend Suzanne enough, we are now the owners of a beautiful sweet natured red cockapoo. He has settled in so well and is brilliant with the children . Suzanne let us visit as many times as we wanted, always happy to put her other dogs away as
my youngest was wary. Given loads of good advice and answered my many questions. We have a puppy that is already use to being handled and had different experiences before we even collected him. So glad we chose Suzanne to get our first family dog from.

Email 30. Jun, 2018

Steff and Dean

Star has been out for the first time this week and she absolutely loves it. She has made new friends and we can’t believe it’s only 5 weeks since she came to live with us it seems we’ve had her forever. Thanks Sue she had the best start and she is the
most fantastic puppy. We absolutely love her xx

Email 31. May, 2018

Kieron Cassidy

Got our gorgeous little lad Arlo from Sue. He is one of her Matipoos. He is a fantastic addition to our home and our family. He is loved by everyone who has met him.

Sue is a great breeder she knows her stuff and as first time owners of a dog she helped us few comfortable and at ease. She gave us all the information we needed and gave us lots of good advice. I couldn’t recommend her enough

Email 15. Mar, 2018


Bonnies first snow we got her in June last year and she's just awesome

Email 6. Jan, 2018

Beth Jackson

We have had our amazing little Cavapoo Rory for just over a week now and he is absolutely perfect!! He has settled in well to his new home and is such a happy friendly and sociable little pup that loves playing with his toys and having cuddles! Thankyou
so much Sue for your support and hard work!

Email 1. Aug, 2017

Kim Graham

We have had our cockapoo Daisy for four days now, and she is absolutely fantastic! She is calm, sociable and great with kids. She is learning very quickly to come, sit and leave it. She loves to spring out of the bushes when you are hanging up the washing

Thank you Sue for all your support and hard work with Daisy. She is a wonderful, fun and adorable puppy.

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