Toilet training

Puppies have tiny bladders so will go frequently.  My rule of thumb is take them out after drinking, eating and sleeping plus at least every hour at first. Give them lots of praise and don't be cross if they have any little accidents.  They will get there eventually!

Crates are an excellent idea at night as puppies do not like to soil their sleeping area.

Puppy Classes

I think it is essential to book your puppy into a local puppy class as soon as possible, even if you have owned dogs before. It is an excellent way of socialising your puppy and it is you that needs taining- not the dog!

You will find some excellent training guides around but again, my rule of thumb is RESPECT, REWARD AND REPETITION!

Decide on house rules and try and stick to them. Your puppy may cry at first when left alone and blankets with Mums scent can be provided if required.  You may have to be quite tough at first otherwise you may end up with a dog which you cannot leave alone at all.

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